New Channel ferry route launched from Hampshire

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries

by Rebecca Pearson , Reporter 3:09pm Wednesday 30th January 2013 in Business

A NEW route between Hampshire and France has been announced by Brittany Ferries.

Between May and September, holiday makers will be able to travel from Portsmouth to Le Havre, four days a week, in less than four hours.

The high-speed ferry, the Normandie Express, will take up to 850 passengers and 235 vehicles across the channel to the city which is just a two hour drive from Paris.

Mike Bevens, Group Passenger Commercial Director, said: “Bookings have bounced back this year and we saw an opportunity to increase our range of destinations and therefore provide even greater choice for our customers, particularly those heading for eastern France, Paris and the Alps.”

Brittany Ferries already has five routes between the UK and France, including between Portsmouth and St Malo, Caen and Cherbourg.

If the new route is popular this year, it may return next summer.

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8:27am Thu 31 Jan 13 bemused26 says…

Brittany Ferries prices are ludicrous! We (a couple) have been travelling to France every year, sometimes several times a year, for about 7 years now and this year upon trying to make a booking for June we were shocked at the ridiculous prices they are charging. We have decided on LD Lines as it is coming out over £200 cheaper for a similar crossing (and that includes the fuel and tolls which we end up with from Le Havre but not when going to Caen) Even when making very sure not to travel during any school holidays, Brittany Ferries have now made it prohibitive to use their crossings. We would normally make a few shorter visits throughout the year but the prices are making it nearly impossible now. I wouldn't even like to think how much a crossing for 1 or 2 weeks during the summer months of July/ August/ September would cost. So much for camping holidays in France being affordable for the average family!

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11:42am Mon 18 Feb 13 Niel says…

Some of the price difference is the high speed ferry, AKA Fast Cat, consumes a lot more lighter fraction fuel oil. I get a better deal with others too, but the time saving can be good. As for pathetic and 'orrible, the way they treat passengers is like cattle, their staff have it even worse!

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