Echo MD leaves the company

STATEMENT: Stewart Dunn

STATEMENT: Stewart Dunn

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IT was announced yesterday that Stewart Dunn, managing director of Newsquest Hampshire, publisher of the Southern Daily Echo, had left the company.

Stewart, who had joined as general manager of the Echo in 1991, is a former president of the Chamber of Commerce, a founder member of Business Solent and a director of the Business Improvement District in Winchester.

In a statement, Newsquest’s regional managing director John Banks acknowledged Stewart’s great contribution to the direction and development of both the Southampton and Winchester businesses.

In a message to staff, Stewart said: “I have had an amazing 40 years in an industry which I have always loved. In that time I have had the honour of working alongside some of the most talented people in local newspapers.”

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10:39pm Thu 31 Jan 13 IronLady2010 says…

Let's hope the new MD brings spellcheck with him/her.

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11:38am Fri 1 Feb 13 Dave Juson says…

Concerned Echo readers as far away as North Baddesley are now in turmoil as rumours abound as to what has lead to the ruthless and callous culling of one of its most popular and outgoing executives. Expressions of concern from the cowed and increasingly reclusive employees have been muted. Meanwhile a spokesman from Southampton Football Club, who wished to remain anonymous and speaking off the record, divulged, “Of course, given Saints’ current relationship with the Echo we are always going to take an interest in any changes in senior personnel at Newspaper House, but ... Sorry! Who are we talking about?” On receiving the terse and enigmatic announcement of Dunn’s sensational departure on their smartphones yesterday evening the talk among the patrons of Southampton’s clubs and pubs centred on the alleged increasing instability, secretiveness and paranoia of Editor Ian Murray and his apparently obsessive drive to rid his paper of competent journalists. Was Dunn’s sacking out of jealousy for his fine head of hair? Revenge for some imagined discourtesy? Or just a routine capricious whim? We may never know.

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6:29pm Mon 4 Feb 13 Ciaran says…

Who the hell is this nutjob above and what is he rambling on about!?!

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8:49pm Mon 4 Feb 13 gr8saint says…

PLEASE, can we now have some support and some positive journalism where Saints FC are concerned? For too long now, the DE has come across as if they are against SFC and the journalism carries a very negative theme. Some pieces recently have been utterly disgusting in their contempt and loathing towards the club. Please remember that this football club has been a Big part of the local community for over 125 years now, there are thousands of people who attend the matches regularly and even more who follow on a lesser scale. By showing contempt to the club, you are showing the same to it's followers, many of whom are actually a part of your own livelihoods through their purchasing of your news paper and the sports paper (Pink). They are often the same people you look to, to fill your advertising pages, provide your stories and even fill your job pages. Respect to the Club will also be seen as respect for the fans and therefore, the local community! So I call on you, the current Staff at the Daily Echo and also the future MD to bury the hatchet with Southampton Football club and joing forces! Southampton FC, The Daily Echo & the SFC Fans - together as 1!

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