New bid made to buy Pompey

Fratton Park

Fratton Park

12:26pm Thursday 7th February 2013 in Business

Portsmouth's administrators have confirmed they have received an offer to buy the troubled club from football financier Keith Harris.

The former Football League chairman is fronting a bid to rival that of the Pompey Supporters' Trust, although he wants the fans' group to be involved in the proposed takeover.

"We can confirm that we have received another offer for Portsmouth Football Club," said Trevor Birch of administrators PKF.

"This offer has been made by Keith Harris, a former chairman of the Football League, together with Pascal Najadi, deputy chairman of the investment bank AIAK Group, and Alan Hitchins, a professional investor.

"Keith Harris has indicated that he would like to meet with the PST to discuss a stakeholding and participation in the club going forward."

The PST are the preferred bidder of PKF but their proposal hinges on buying the club's Fratton Park ground, which is controlled by former Portsmouth owner Balram Chainrai.

PKF are seeking permission to sell the ground and are due in court with Chainrai's company Portpin next Thursday, although Birch says the new offer could mean the hearing, which has already been adjourned several times, may not be necessary.

"We believe this offer is worthy of consideration and could be completed without the need for a court case," he added.

"As officers of the Court, the administrators are charged with securing the best return for all creditors and therefore have to consider the offer.

"We will need to discuss the terms of the deal with the PFA and the Football League, and also plan to consult the Creditors' Committee as a matter of urgency.

"This has been a complex administration and we are doing all we can to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. We will provide an update as soon as we have further news."

Portsmouth have been in administration since February last year and will be deducted 10 points if and when they exit.

They are currently second from bottom in npower League One, two points above Hartlepool, having lost their last eight matches.

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12:52pm Thu 7 Feb 13 RED & WHITE..RED & WHITE says…

Lets all laugh at Portsmuff Lets all laugh at Portsmuff La La La La La There's only One Team in Hampshire !!!!

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12:52pm Thu 7 Feb 13 mushrooms says…

Maybe Orville will be their chairman

  • Score: 0

1:05pm Thu 7 Feb 13 Ted Rogers says…

These people sound far too reputable for Portsmouth! Good luck to them, let's hope they run the club on a sound financial footing and realise that with a fan base of that size and appetitie, the realistic goal of competing mid table at Championship level at best, may be achieved. In future, I'd still like to be able to wallop and then gloat occassionally after cup wins....

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1:13pm Thu 7 Feb 13 Norwegian Saint says…

Keith Harris.... priceless... They could be run by a guy associated with sticking his hand up his pets ars*e and talk a load of rubbish... ... ... So will probably fit in well at Poopey! :-D

  • Score: 0

1:13pm Thu 7 Feb 13 St Retford says…


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1:14pm Thu 7 Feb 13 SaintJD says…

Keith Harris: "And Pompey? (yes?) Who is your very best friend?" Pompey Orville: "You are" Keith Harris: "I'll help you mend, sh1tty Fratton Park."

  • Score: 0

1:17pm Thu 7 Feb 13 SaintJD says…

Spot the difference: Keith Harris: ventriloquist famous for stuffing his arm up a duck's ar$e. Keith Harris: potential buyer of Portsmouth Football Club.

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1:28pm Thu 7 Feb 13 Stroppy_gramps says…

I'm surprise by this - what is there to buy exactly? they aren't getting a new ground any time soon, theres no squad to speak of, the ten point deduction still needs to be applied. I don't really understand what benefit any potential buyer would get from purchasing all that debt and a club that's not going anywhere any time soon. Still, it's not my money going to waste so good luck to the bloke I suppose. No accounting for the stupidity of others. now then, let's get back to supporting our Premier League club

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1:36pm Thu 7 Feb 13 Little Hitler says…

More importantly... Welcome back granny!

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2:35pm Thu 7 Feb 13 Blackwaterblue says…

To all you Saints fans who think this is funny, you should know that it's not just Keith Harris but Orville the Duck and 'Arry's Dog Rosie that are also involved. Play up Pompey!

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3:54pm Thu 7 Feb 13 gazw1976 says…

grannys back ( the fishy old bint ) , I used to like orville but if he goes to krap nottarf I'll never forgive him . why dont poopey just give up an merge with H&W an become Portalooville .

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9:29pm Thu 7 Feb 13 apm1954 says…

turn it into a skate park

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