Administrators 'seeking clarification' over new bids for Pompey

Administrators 'seeking clarification' over new bids for Pompey

Administrators 'seeking clarification' over new bids for Pompey

1:27pm Thursday 21st February 2013 in Business

Accountants managing the affairs of troubled football club Portsmouth are expected to ask league bosses today about future ownership possibilities.

Portsmouth's administrators said they would be ''seeking clarification'' about the Football League's position on bids for the club - which is struggling at the foot of League One - as a ''matter of urgency''.

Earlier this month, league bosses said they would only consider an existing bid from a group called the Pompey Supporters Trust.

But accountancy firm PKF, which is acting as Portsmouth's administrator, said there may be indications of a change in the league's stance.

A PKF spokesman said today that the firm had been aware of correspondence which seemed to lead to ''some ambiguity'' about the league's view.

He added: ''We will be seeking clarification from the league as a matter of urgency.''

A league spokesman was not available for comment.

A High Court judge placed Portsmouth into administration in February last year after being told the club had an unpaid tax bill of around £2 million and owed other creditors about the same.

In recent weeks administrators have given the High Court detail of a problem concerning the ownership of the club's Fratton Park stadium.

The PKF spokesman said it was hoped that the ground problem would be solved before the end of the current season in May.

League officials suggested later that their position had not changed.

''The board of the Football League is not considering alternative applications for the transfer of Portsmouth's share in the Football League,'' said a spokesman.

''Instead, it remains focused on a successful transfer of share to the preferred bidder, the Pompey Supporters Trust.''

Earlier this month, league officials said they had been told by administrators that the ''preferred bidder'' was the Pompey Supporters Trust.

They said any late change of ''preferred bidder'' would create uncertainty and was not in the wider interests of the league.

Officials said, therefore, if the trust bid failed and Portsmouth did not ''exit administration'' by the end of the season then the club would lose its membership of the league.

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1:37pm Thu 21 Feb 13 ToastyTea says…

oh just hurry up and die, fed up of hearing about those vile common poor skates.

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1:43pm Thu 21 Feb 13 gladbachsaint says…

See Susan Boyle in concert at p*rtsm**th Guildhall this May. The fat lady can sing and put them out of their misery.

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2:07pm Thu 21 Feb 13 red/whitearmy says…

FL said no more bids will be considered. PKF are only still there for money from somewhere. Judge cant tell BC how much to sell the shed for. So just shut them down. Build a tesco or something.

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2:22pm Thu 21 Feb 13 OSPREYSAINT says…

Why does this smell fishier and fishier?

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3:06pm Thu 21 Feb 13 Ozmosis says…

With yet another delay, the administrators will surely be making sure any money coming in disappears - into their own fees. isare bled dry, making the club even less attractive... if that's possible ;-)

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6:00pm Thu 21 Feb 13 apm1954 says…

any other business would have been shut down by now, why are they different, lots of people are being made redundent all over the country working for companies with much less debts , i thought it was illigal to trade when you cant pay your debts , yes i hate pompey, i live near dean court the smell of fish has at last gone.

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7:27pm Thu 21 Feb 13 Stroppy_gramps says…

Isn't this actually irrelevant to the case?

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8:04pm Thu 21 Feb 13 Sir Ad E Noid says…

It's her again!!

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8:41pm Thu 21 Feb 13 Baddesley Bill says…

Bless her...the old dear in the piccie must be 3 years older now and has probably long since traded in the mobo scooter...this farce has been going on too long. Shut em down. Be done with it.

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8:18am Fri 22 Feb 13 Stroppy_gramps says…

I tell you what, someone is playing an interesting game. by law the administrator is bound to take the bid that offers the best deal for the creditors. If Harris comes in with another bid that satisfies this criteria, theres essentially nothing the trust can do about it. Or the administrator. Then you will have a position where the FL will be forced to carry out its threat to not issue the Golden Share. Or the FL will have to cave in since Harris' bid will have returned the club to sound financial footing - which is what the FL wants. interesting game of brinkmanship there. Mind you - if I were a betting man I would put money on Portpin appealing on a point of Law if the Judge reaches a decision that is not favorable to them.

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10:34am Sun 24 Feb 13 skin2000 says…

Sir Ad E Noid wrote…

It's her again!!

Yes, it is good to see her back.

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