The day the snow came: The early pictures from Hampshire's snow blizzards

The day the snow came: A picture special

The day the snow came: A picture special

2:20pm Friday 18th January 2013 in News

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Check out the great images of the snow in Hampshire as it covers the county. This gallery will be constantly updated throughout the day with pictures from Daily Echo photographers and readers.

Don't forget to send your into and get them included in this gallery.

Click here for live updates of how the snow is affecting where you live

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2:05pm Fri 18 Jan 13 Norwegian Saint says…

Call that snow??? .... haaaaaa :-) Only kidding... have fun! Regards from Norway

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2:14pm Fri 18 Jan 13 cantthinkofone says…

"The Day the Snow Came"? Lol. Might need to lay off the hyperbole a little Echo, it makes it sound like the end of the world. :-D

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8:27pm Fri 18 Jan 13 boobooj says…

You say it like we haven't had snow for a century. It has snowed at some point each year for the last few years. Get over it.

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10:35pm Fri 18 Jan 13 David Icke says…

Anyone see the pictures of those Aussies today in their little buggie smugglers walking about on the beach in temperatuers over 40 degrees? just wondering.

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10:36pm Fri 18 Jan 13 David Icke says…

'Budgie smugglers' i meant. Sorry, my fingers are froze to the bone!

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11:21pm Fri 18 Jan 13 sparkster says…

Norway and sweden have snow and they cope

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