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  • Vicky Pryce at Southwark Crown Court charged with perverting course of justice.
  • She is accused of taking speeding points for Huhne.
  • She has pleaded not guilty on grounds of marital coercion.
  • Huhne pleaded guilty yesterday after years of protesting his innocence.
  • No comments allowed due to legal issues.


After a dramatic morning of evidence Mr Justice Sweeney adjourns the case until Thursday morning.


And the conversations continued...

Huhne: There is no way, look, there is no way, err, that there is any evidence of this story, unless you, err, decide, you know give some legs to it by saying something, ok?

Pryce: Alright, well alright, I will not, I will, will do my best, but in your, in your...

Huhne: (inaudible) the basic (inaudible)

Pryce: I just cannot lie, with, without, I have to be very careful, 'cause the last thing I want is for it to come out and, and, I've actually perjured myself or whatever the **** it is that you do.

Huhne: You're not, there's no question of that, look, there is no question of that ok?

Pryce: (inaudible)

Huhne: The one thing you also, the last thing you want to do is have some half-baked story running in the Sunday Times, saying, err, alleging that you've taken points for me and then you find that you're being rung up by the DVLA, err and getting a policeman asking whether you've actually...

Pryce: (over talking) I've not...

Huhne:...broken the law

Pryce: But I know that Chris, that's why I don't want it back it's one the things that always worried me when I took them, you made me taken them in the first instance. So, anyway umm, that's...

Huhne: Well, look, I, honestly don't, I mean I really don't thing it's sensible to have these sort of conversations on the phone
Pryce: Yeah, ok, ok, I agree with you

Huhne: Err, and I do, I, I'm very happy to meet you for, I've you want to.


In another taped call, Huhne said: "I'm not going to be commenting about this story on the phone.

"This is a nonsense story."

He added: "It's absolute cobblers."

Pryce says to him: "You want me to just lie to people basically."

Throughout the conversations Huhne advises his ex wife not to talk to journalists asking about the story.


Court heard an incredibly heated telephone row between the two littered with expletives played out in court.

Huhne repeatedly saying story about speeding points "ludicrous".

Huhne accuses Pryce of behaving in "unbalanced way".

Pryce, who asks where the story has come from, says on recording: "You know full well I took the points and so do the kids."

She adds later: "You are lying right this second."


Court hearing the police and DVLA processes by which Pryce received three penalty points on her driver's licence in 2003.

Prosecution says how Huhne was banned from driving in October 2003 after being caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel in March that year. It was because he had reached 12 points under the totting up system.


The black 7 Series BMW with registration plate H11HNE was caught traveling at 69 mph - 19 mph over the 50mph speed limit on M11. Registered owner was Chris Huhne, court told.


Vicky Pryce is sitting with her legs crossed, a folder on her lap and listening intently to proceedings.


Court being read details of the Ryanair flight Chris Huhne took from Stanstead Airport to Strasbourg and back between March 10 and March 12 2003.


Daily Echo:


DVLA records of Huhne driving offences read out in court. He was caught speeding on Jan 28 2002, March 28 2002 and February 8 2003.


Huhne's car flashed by speeding camera on M11 in March 2003 after he had returned from trip to Strasbourg, court told.


Jurors told they will hear a taped conversations between Huhne and Pryce in which Pryce aimed to get her former husband to admit to what had happened.

Crown: "You may believe that this is two manipulative people trying unsuccessfully to manipulate each other."


Prosecutor Andrew Edis added: "Mr Huhne was charged, he did resign. Yesterday he pleaded guilty - he's not a cabinet minister any more. The plan worked."


Daily Echo:

Crown: Pryce, above, "quite a subtle and clever person."


Jurors shown emails between Pryce and journalists in 2011.


Court hears how in one emailed national newspaper Ms Pryce wrote: "I definitely want to nail him more than ever and would love to do it soon."


Crown: "Mr Huhne was a high profile politician with "immense responsibility" when allegations came to light.
"It was Ms Pryce's plan that she would get her revenge by putting an end to all that because she would publish what he and she had done together without complaint in 2003."


Cour told that in 2010 Ms Pryce told newspapers about what had happened in 2003 "in the hope that it would destroy her husband's career."


Jurors told that Pryce's defence will be that of 'marital coercion' in that she was pressured in to taking the points.

Crown: "It's a special defence and available only to a wife."

Jury now being shown a picture of a black BMW with the registration plate H11HNE.


Jurors given an outline of the case in which Mr Huhne persuaded his ex wife, the defendant, to take points on his behalf to avoid a ban.

Crown: "Obviously Mr Huhne did not want a ban so he was able to persuade his wife to play ball with this scheme whereby she would take the points on her clean licence, he would not get a ban, neither would she and everything would be fine."


The trial is underway and prosecutor Andrew Edis QC opens his case by handing out jurors' bundles.


Judge explaining to jury what their role and duty is during the case.


Vicky Pryce has been asked to stand while jurors are sworn in.

Jurors are read the charges against Vicky Pryce and told that she has pleaded not guilty.


Lawyers assembled, reporters seated but no sign of Mr Justice Sweeney yet, the judge who has been overseeing proceedings in this case from the start.


Pryce arrives in court wearing a light green top, black trousers and a scarf.


In case you missed it yesterday, here is a vide of Huhne giving his intent to quit as Eastleigh MP following his guilty plea yesterday.


The talk is still of wide-eyed disbelief about the incredible drama that unfolded yesterday.

Reporters have been covering the legal arguments for months without being able to publish anything.

But the whole case unravelled spectacularly within minutes - and by the end of the morning Huhne's political career had been consigned to history.

Today his former wife is expected to go on trial having pleaded not guilty to similar charges.

You can review yesterday's drama as it happened by reading our live blog of the day.


The usual large pack of photographers has assembled outside Southwark Crown Court ahead of the arrival of Vicky Pryce.

Inside, reporters are already queuing outside court 3 though fair to say far fewer than for Huhne's appearance yesterday.

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