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Police issue fake £10 notes alert

4:44pm Thursday 7th February 2013

Police issue fake £10 notes alert

SOUTHAMPTON businesses are being warned to look out for fake £10 notes which are being used in the city.

Two shops in Shirley have so far managed to spot the forged notes before taking them from customers but police fear more are out there.

The first was found on Sunday (FEB3) when a man wearing a grey hoodie under a grey coat tried to pay for goods at a shop in Windemere Avenue.

The second was handed over at a shop in Romsey Road, when a woman attempted to top up a utility bill. She is described as white, slim, with long brown hair.

PC Ian Rudge is urging the public and retailers to be on the lookout for the counterfeit notes, which all have the same serial number CB24650907.

Anyone who sees such £10 notes is asked to retain them and contact the police on 101.



davel_cats says...
4:46pm Thu 7 Feb 13

Any further details as to what to look for? E.g., David Cameron instead of the Queen on the notes?

Tenderhearts wife says...
4:57pm Thu 7 Feb 13

davel_cats wrote:
Any further details as to what to look for? E.g., David Cameron instead of the Queen on the notes?
only thing to go on is the serial number that they have supplied. not many people will have that written down on a scrap of paper to check when they are given a £10 note in their change!

Notty1 says...
5:15pm Thu 7 Feb 13

And who's to say that the CB24650907 you have is not the real CB24650907!!!!!!!

mickey01 says...
5:31pm Thu 7 Feb 13

since when has windermere ave been in shirley ?

allsaintsnocurves says...
6:08pm Thu 7 Feb 13

you have to know how to test for fake notes for which there is a number of easy ways. The words Bank of England should be raised print so run your finger over this...Check the Watermark of the queen's face in the light in the middle and the metallic strip on the back will look like dashes but hold it to the light this should appear as a solid line.
You can also check the silver hologram as this should appear as either a number 10 or a coloured picture of Britannia if you tilt it.

bazzeroz says...
7:15pm Thu 7 Feb 13

Another sure way of checking is to make sure its no a photocopy and black and white!

cantthinkofone says...
7:22pm Thu 7 Feb 13

Many of them are terrible forgeries, that look much more like a £20 note than a tenner. If you have a £20 note that you suspect may be one of these forged tenners, then please contact me through this comments section. As a public service, I'll exchange it with you for a certified and guaranteed genuine ten pound note.

Huffter says...
7:47pm Thu 7 Feb 13

Could do with a little punctuation in the headline... eg...

"Police issue fake £10 notes" alert.

J.P.M says...
7:57pm Thu 7 Feb 13

Strange fact - my dog is brown, with a white bib on his chest.

He is ok with most other male dogs: but is pretty aggresive when he spots one which is brown with a white bib.

Logic - couldn't we train tenners to growl when they see a pretender - therefore negating the need for expensive POS detection equipment, and saving the previous old posters from having to use their (obviously calibrated) fingertips to spot foul play??

This would provide an audible warning to all good citizens, and could also be linked to a panic button - for summoning old lazy bill?

loosehead says...
9:06pm Thu 7 Feb 13

i got two ten pound notes from my cashpoint what happens if one of those are a forgery?
can I ask the bank to give me a real note as they're passing on forgeries or is it my tough luck?

WECOMING4U says...
6:30am Fri 8 Feb 13

I've had a load of tenners nicked off our washing line!

kingnotail says...
4:42pm Fri 8 Feb 13

Even the banknotes in Southampton are dodgy and substandard

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