More snow hits Hampshire

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Hampshire has today been hit by another blast of Arctic weather, with snow falling in several parts of the county.

The county council is keeping a close eye on the situation and liaising with the Met Office following reports of snow showers in several towns and cities, including Winchester, Hamble and Portchester.

Drivers using snow-hit roads across the county reported that visibility was being affected.

A county council spokesman said: “It's snowing in Winchester but it isn't settling on the wet ground and it's turning to water when it hits the cars. We're not expecting it to freeze although the situation could change.”

The snow spread further south than forecasters had predicted and caught most people by surprise.

Today's minimum temperature in the Southampton area is expected to be 2.1 degrees, with a maximum of 4.6 degrees.

Tomorrow will be even colder, although temperatures are expected to remain above freezing.

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12:22pm Mon 11 Feb 13 localnews says…

Shock horror !!!! snow in Feb,never !!!!!!

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12:41pm Mon 11 Feb 13 sotonboy84 says…

So there's a little bit of snow that is melting as soon as it hits the ground... How is this news? I didn't see a headline or special report for the rain we had yesterday!!!! Somebody obviously has nothing else to report on...

  • Score: 0

1:05pm Mon 11 Feb 13 florida saint says…

80 here in florida u t s red army

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2:43pm Mon 11 Feb 13 AndyAndrews says…

"Arctic weather"? Prats! A short-lived sprinkle of snow on the grass....

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3:57pm Mon 11 Feb 13 sparkster says…

exactly some cou tries ie norway sweden austria have snow most of the time, they cope without fuss, luckily the ground is wet after sundays rain all day so it shouldnt lay otherwise schools will have to be closed again!!!!

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5:29pm Mon 11 Feb 13 solomum says…

Thank goodness The Echo is here to let us know what that white stuff falling from the sky was.

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6:10pm Mon 11 Feb 13 sparkster says…

yes solomum id never have known what snow was if i hadn't been told !!!!!!!!!

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11:42pm Mon 11 Feb 13 Brusher Mills says…

localnews wrote…

Shock horror !!!! snow in Feb,never !!!!!!

Every time there is a snow story, someone posts this type of comment. Maybe its you all time.

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4:05am Tue 12 Feb 13 Elaine Fitzpatrick says…

Medford, LI, NY 34" on Friday and Saturday. Still digging out.

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