Hampshire man wins National Lottery jackpot

Hampshire man wins national lottery jackpot

Hampshire man wins national lottery jackpot

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National Lottery bosses today revealed that a Hampshire man has scooped the jackpot.

The winner has earned himself £1.3m with a share of a jackpot.

Details of the lucky lotto player have been kept secret as he wishes to remain anonymous.

The win was revealed by lotto bosses today.

The mystery man, who has been named only as Mr N, struck gold after playing the game online.

Mr N matched all six numbers in the draw on Saturday January 26, pocketing the life-changing top prize of £1,314,707.

He split the £3.9m jackpot with two other lucky winners from across the UK, one of whom was from Somerset, after matching the numbers 2, 6, 21, 29, 34 and 47.


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10:15pm Wed 13 Feb 13 eurogordi says…

It could be you ... but it certainly wasn't me! Good luck to the mystery winner and I hope you will use your winnings wisely.

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10:20pm Wed 13 Feb 13 florida saint says…

good luck to who ever the winner is ,mines a fosters...cheers

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10:39pm Wed 13 Feb 13 Linesman says…

It was not me, but I have it on good authority that Southy has joined the Tory party.

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10:40pm Wed 13 Feb 13 SaintAsh1964 says…

Well done mate, good luck, like you need anymore!

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8:53am Thu 14 Feb 13 OSPREYSAINT says…

If he could see his way to loaning a few quid to Pompey it could be a good investment.

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9:49am Thu 14 Feb 13 rich the stitch says…

Is this the only person in Hampshire to get a decent win out of the lottery?

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