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Shaw suffers bad gash

6:20pm Saturday 12th January 2013

Shaw suffers bad gash

Saints have confirmed that Luke Shaw has badly gashed his right knee.

The young left back was stretchered off during the win at Aston Villa after a heavy challenge.

Nigel Adkins was unable to give any timescale for a return but Shaw may face a short spell on the sidelines as a result.

Danny Fox could well be set for a spell in the team to deputise.

Saints are already dealing with injuries to key men Adam Lallana and Jose Fonte while Guly do Prado was unable to figure due to illness.

Gaston Ramirez was also forced off at Villa Park but that was simply cramp.



saintmicky says...
6:25pm Sat 12 Jan 13

Luke is young, hopefully he will heal very quickly, another amazing performance from the lad, lets hope it is no more than a gash it will be a shame if he has to miss any of the big games we've got coming up!


Dr Saint says...
6:28pm Sat 12 Jan 13

What an unfortunately headline....

Dr Saint says...
6:30pm Sat 12 Jan 13

*unfortunate (**** you predictive text!)

Malcy says...
6:36pm Sat 12 Jan 13

This very bad luck on Luke and the Supporters just when this exciting talented young Player is having a fantastic season, let's hope he heals quick and gets back into the side, he is one of the best fullbacks I have seen in the league since Ashley Cole started at Arsenal and certainly for Southampton, COYR

Saint_rob says...
6:40pm Sat 12 Jan 13

Next England left back.

City Saint says...
6:59pm Sat 12 Jan 13

Protect the shaman!

J7junctionseven says...
7:16pm Sat 12 Jan 13

I knew a few girlriends in the past that had the same probem,,,,,:o)

mack chinnon says...
7:22pm Sat 12 Jan 13

I was looking forward to seeing him and Fox having a bit of fun on that left side today.

mack chinnon says...
7:28pm Sat 12 Jan 13

Very impressed with hexagon head today.

worried of n e hampshire says...
7:40pm Sat 12 Jan 13

J7junctionseven wrote:
I knew a few girlriends in the past that had the same probem,,,,,:o)
were not going down, I hope you didn't!! :o)

Costa Baz says...
7:42pm Sat 12 Jan 13

Perhaps someone can send this to Tony Cottee as he reported the ref had stopped the game owing to an injury being feigned.

saintlysoul says...
7:47pm Sat 12 Jan 13

Hard Luke bounce back soon. Great performance today thoroughly enjoyed watching you!

J7junctionseven says...
8:30pm Sat 12 Jan 13

worried of n e hampshire wrote:
J7junctionseven wrote:
I knew a few girlriends in the past that had the same probem,,,,,:o)
were not going down, I hope you didn't!! :o)
Snorkel and diving mask required..:o)

loosehead says...
8:55pm Sat 12 Jan 13

BBC commentators said he was an exciting talent & wished he was okay.
but coming from an Arsenal man I got a bit worried at the sound of that

arthur boutfaith says...
9:12pm Sat 12 Jan 13

hash tag gash bad.

owen thesaints... says...
11:13pm Sat 12 Jan 13

Get well soon Luke, use the force and come back soon! Man of the match for me, he gets better and better every game, a legend in the making. Great result today, withstood some severe pressure in the second half and deserved the win. Thought Villa Park was very negative towards away supporters, even the pub near the ground wanted £3 to get in!! COYR onwards and upwards, very proud to be a saint as always

Nicole23 says...
11:18pm Sat 12 Jan 13

You can get tablets for that

saint61 says...
7:33am Sun 13 Jan 13

Tony Cottee should be ashamed and apologise next week.

9:01am Sun 13 Jan 13

The latest word from Luke on the injury, oooouch!

Chipster says...
9:56am Sun 13 Jan 13

Oh dear, Luke was doing so well and made a big difference to the defence, now it looks like we have Fox back in as LB. God help us!!!!!

MGRA says...
11:17pm Sun 13 Jan 13

read the headline and thought : "he is not from Gosport is he ?"

batesieboy says...
3:14am Mon 14 Jan 13

This may be slightly off topic, but let me share a "good gash" story. In Phuket over the New Year I met two Japanese women from Osaka.They were mightily impressed that I supported Saints, since they had pictures of Chung and Maya Yoshida on their phones. As it was their last night, I felt it only right that it should be used in culturally exchanging with them's great to be a Saints fan, you never know when it's going to come in handy...

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